Monday, 21 September 2009

pne: A picture of a six-year-old girl (Amy)

The other day, Amy asked me, "May you get me my water, please?"

I had to think a bit about it, then I guessed that this was an application of the rule "can turns to may in polite contexts: Can I play outside? -> May I play outside, please?; Can you give me my teddy bear? -> May you give me my teddy bear, please?". I was amused :)

In slightly related news, we played some Mini-LüK recently, and one of the games was to find words that rhymed (in German).

It was interesting to see that she knew some of the words on that page (e.g. tower, collar) in English but not in German!

Another exercise was "words which sound the same but mean something different"; I think that was a bit difficult since I don't know how many children know that "Bart" refers to part of a key or "Kamm" to a cock's comb. And "Bauer" for a (bird) cage is very firmly passive vocabulary for me; I've heard that that meaning exists, but have never actually seen it used, let alone used it myself. ("Löffel" for a hare's ears is also a bit marginal to expect a child to know, IMO.)

We also did a few exercises from the "reading exercises for pre-schoolers" book; she's starting to get a bit less afraid of small letters now.


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