Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Wednesday, 23 September 2009 22:22
pne: A picture of a six-year-old girl (Amy)

Amy calls those little animals "binny-kigs" :)

Not a perfect spoonerism, since she only swapped the place of articulation, not also the voicing.

In unrelated Amy news, she's been staying at home the last couple of days will and will continue to do so at least until Friday; we got a notified that there'd been a case of norovirus in the kindergarten on Monday, and Stella didn't want her to catch it. Today I heard that they're up to six suspected cases already.

Stella just told me how glad she is that she could easily decide to keep Amy at home, since she isn't working right now and even when she does, she does so from home, so she can care for Amy as well.

Mothers who are dependent on kindergarten to take care of their children during the work day would face a tougher decision, since they couldn't even take sick-child leave if their child hadn't actually caught anything yet; it would have to be personal leave. (Or try to get the children taken care of by friends or relatives, which isn't always easy, either.)


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